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Local info

  • Tourist Info Center at "Piata Universitatii" Passage (at the entrence to "Universitate" subway station):


  • Romania Travel official website:


  • Bucharest City Tour is the best way to get familiar with the capital of Romania – Bucharest City – a town dating back to 15th century. The chipset way (approx. 6 €)– is to choose the Bucharest City Tour by bus.
    The panoramic tour includes:

    • Herăstrău Park,
    • “Dimitrie Gusti” National,
    • The Arch of Triumph,
    • The Museum of the Romanian Peasant
    • ”Grigore Antipa” Museum
    • The National Museum of Geology 
    • Creţulescu Church
    • The Romanian Athenaeum
    • The former Royal Palace
    • The National Museum of Romanian History
    • The CEC Palace
    • The Palace of the Parliament
    • The Architectural Ensemble on Mitropoly Hill and the Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral
    • The Bucharest City Museum
    • The Museum of Romanian Literature
    • The Victoria Palace
    • Charles de Gaulle’s Statue

More information about Bucharest City Tour: http://bucharestcitytour.ratb.ro/descriere_eng.html

What else can we visit in Bucharest:


    • The Romanian currency is LEU.
    • The notes are: 1 LEU, 10 LEI, 50 LEI, 100 LEI, 500 LEI.
    • Information about means of transportation in Bucharest (tram, trolleybus, bus): http://www.ratb.ro/
    • Subway information (metro network): http://www.metrorex.ro/first_page_p785-2
    • The price of the taxi is 1, 39 – 3, 50 LEI/km (around 0,31 - 0,79 EURO/km).
    • A bus or troleybus ticket costs 1.3 LEI (around 0.29 EURO).
    • Subway (Metro) cards cost: 5 LEI (around 1.13 EURO) for two ways, and 20 LEI (around 4.53 EURO) for ten ways.                   
    • 1 EURO~4.4 RON (http://coinmill.com/EUR_RON.html).
    • Official exchange rate: http://www.cursbnr.ro/

    Upon request, the Symposium Organizer will send you a letter of invitation to obtain a visa. Applications for a letter of invitation should be sent to the Symposium Organizer before March 1st, 2017. Applications received after March 1st, 2017, will not be dealt with.

    Further information follows.